Academy Rules

1. No sandals/ flip-flops will be allowed to remain at the gym overnight. We will keep a couple pairs on hand for guests but you must remove your sandals by December first or they will be thrown out! If you leave sandals at the gym overnight by accident, call the gym or risk that they are thrown out.


2. No shoes, food or drinks on the mat AT ALL TIMES! (Shoes or flip flops must be worn at all times outside of the training area)

3. Use the locker room to change. The gym floor is not an open area for you change into or out of your training gear.

4. Training gear and gi's and personal items must be kept at the back of the room away from the chairs placed near the mat area. These chairs are in place for visitors. They are not meant to be used as coat racks.

5. If late, please sit or stand to the side of the training area until you are welcomed to the class by the professor or instructor. 

6. Do not leave the mat area without prior permission from the professor or instructor.

7. All metal objects, jewlery, piercing, necklaces and other items must be removed before training.

8. Training gear and gi's must be kept clean.

9. Finger and toe nails must be kept clean and neatly trimmed (Do it at home not at the gym) for everyone's safety.

10. Keep feet clean, dirty feet on the mat will not be tolerated.

11. Please refrain from training while ill or with skin infections. (Please be sure to bandage all open wounds before training)

12. Clean up after yourself. This is not your home.

                                                                    -CARLSON GRACIE ACADEMY