Frequently Asked Questions

1. Could I come in today/ tomorrow/ next week/(fill in any time specification) for a class?

Yes. Please look at our class schedule, check our Facebook page on holidays to see if we have class and simply show up for a class!!class-schedule/byz1x

2. Do you offer discounts for students or military?

No, however we do offer 6 month package discounts with monthly EFT. 

3. Do you have gis for rent?

No. We have gis for purchase only. If you are visiting from out of town or are trying out a class, you can train without a gi for the duration of your Chicago visit. Simply wear clothing you can train in. 

4. Do I need to be in shape, have prior experience or formal training in martial arts before I attend a class?

Not at all! We have students at every level in all our classes! 

5. Do you take credit cards?


6. Do you sell merchandise? 

Visit for official Carlson Gracie gear

7. Do you offer MMA classes?

No. Please view our class list at!programs/qnc8i

8. Can I film myself or take pictures during class?

No filming or taking pictures is allowed during class unless authorized by Carlson Gracie Jr. End of class selfies and belt promotion event photos are allowed.

7. Is there a limit to the number of BJJ classes I could take with my monthly BJJ membership? 

You can take every BJJ class if you would like. Except for the kids bjj class unless you are within the age bracket.

8. Do we allow drop-ins for open mat? 


9. Do you offer yearly memberships?

 We offer 6-month package deals.

10. Do you have a school near me?

No matter where in this world you live, chances are you live close to an academy. Please check our locations page for an academy near you.!locations/c24vq

11. Eu tenho uma pergunta que eu gostaria de perguntar em portugues?

We would love to answer your questions but please send us your questions in English. Although Carlson Gracie Jr and some of our instructors speak Portugese, the rest of the staff does not. 

If you have any other questions please feel free to email us :

                                                                    -CARLSON GRACIE ACADEMY